Availability of OSS-ECAL for Debian(Linux)

We provide Debian Linux version of OSS-ECAL for the following electronic components. We hope you will use it.

AD22100ATemperatures sensor-40 °C to +85 °CAnalog Devices
AT24C08CEEPROM1,024words × 8 bitsMicrochip Technology
BD1020HFVTemperature sensor-30 °C to +100 °CROHM
CAT24C512EEPROM65,536words × 8 bitsonsemi
CHS seriesHumidity sensor5%RH to 95%RHTDK
GP2Y0A21YK0FDistance measuring sensor100mm to 800mmSharp
HDC1080Temperature and Humidity Sensors-40°C~+125°C, 0.0%RH~100.0%RHTexas Instruments
LM35 seriesTemperature sensor-55 °C to +150 °CTexas Instruments
MAX6605 seriesTemperature sensor-55°C to +125°CAnalog Devices
MAX6675Temperature sensor0 °C to 1024 °CAnalog Devices
MB85RC256VFeRAM32,768-word x 8-bitsFujitsu Semiconductor
MCP9700 seriesTemperature sensor-40 °C to +125 °CMicrochip Technology
MPX4250A seriesPressure sensor20 kPa to 250 kPaNXP Semiconductors
S-35710Wake-Up Timer1s to 194daysABLIC
S-58LM20ATemperature sensor-55 °C to +130 °CABLIC
STLM20 Grade9(STLM20DD9F)Temperature sensor-40 °C to +85 °CSTMicroelectronics
TC1046Temperature sensor-40 °C to +125 °CMicrochip Technology
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