Embedded Wiki and Know-how

This site introduces the following embedded software-related technologies. This wiki and know-how is based on the author’s experience and does not conform to any standards or MCU manuals. Please read it only as a reference.


MCU Architecture

This post describes the architecture of the MCU (abbreviation for Micro Controller Unit).

BUS and Memory-map

This post describes the BUS and Memory-map.

Operation of interrupt functions

This post describes the operation of interrupt functions.

Successive Comparative ADC

This post describes successive comparison type ADCs.


Initialization procedure of Function Port

This posting describes the procedure for initializing the functional ports. EXP: SPI

Information sharing between processes

This post describes information sharing between different processes.

RTOS Thread and Interrupt

This post explains how Threads (TASK) and interrupts work in RTOS.

Differences between macro and library

This post describes the difference between macro functions and library functions.

Dual sensor in functional safety system

This post describes a dual sensor with functional safety in mind.

Points easily overlooked in the control model

This post will discuss points that are often overlooked in control models.

Rare error of shared resources in processes with different priorities

This post describes rare errors of shared resources in processing with different priorities.

Variable Types and Usage Example

This post describes the types of variables and how to use them.

Floating point and Fixed point

This post describes Floating point and Fixed point.

Pitfalls of I2C communication

This post describes a bug I experienced in I2C communication that I fell into.

Points to note for external EEPROM

This post describes the points to note for external EEPROM.

Causes of spaghetti codes and models

This post describes the cause of the spaghetti code and model.

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