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Last Update: August 20, 2023
Rui Long Lab Inc.

Note:For the official Site Terms of Use, please refer to the Japanese site.

Please read and accept these terms and conditions of use before using this site. Please note that the following information may be added, deleted, or changed without notice, so please be sure to check the latest information.

1. Definition of Terms

  • “We” or “our company” is Rui Long Lab Inc.
  • “This site” is the OSS-ECAL site (
  • The “Terms of Use” refers to the Site Terms of Use.
  • “OSS-ECAL” is an abbreviation for Open Source Software for Electronic Components Abstraction Layer and refers to the open source software (OSS) for electronic components and related documentation provided on this site.
  • “User” refers to the user of this site.
  • “OSS-ECAL Users” are those who have agreed to the “Site Terms of Use,” “OSS-ECAL Terms of Use,” and “Privacy Policy” of this site and have registered as users.
  • The “Service” includes introduction of electronic components on this site, explanation of the OSS-ECAL, downloading of the OSS-ECAL, inquiries about the OSS-ECAL, technical introductions through columns, and communication in forums.

2. Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is to introduce component products to users and provide OSS-ECAL to OSS-ECAL users.

3. Disclaimer of Liability for this Site

We do not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, reliability, suitability for the user’s purposes, or safety (uninterrupted functionality, correction of defects, absence of computer viruses or other harmful items on this site or server, etc.) of the information contained on this site. We do not guarantee the safety (uninterrupted functionality, correction of defects, absence of computer viruses or other harmful items on this site or server, etc.). We shall not be liable for any damages arising from the use or inability to use this information, or from the use of this site.

4. Access to this site

  • You may use this site without registering or logging in. However, some site functions are restricted to unregistered or non-logged-in users.
  • User registration requires the entry of certain items, including personal information. By registering, you agree to these Terms of Use, the Privacy Policy, and the OSS-ECAL Terms of Use.
  • The user name, e-mail address, and password used when registering as a user are the ID. Users should manage their IDs with care.

5. Site Links

In principle, links to this site should be placed on the top page (, or We reserve the right to request removal of the link if we deem it inappropriate.

6. Site Copyrights and Trademarks

The information on this site is protected by copyright law, trademark law, and other intellectual property laws. Use (duplication, transmission, distribution, transfer, adaptation, etc.) of the information on this site beyond a certain purpose of use without our consent is prohibited. All rights to the individual trademarks, logos, and trade names used on this site are the property of the Company or their respective owners.

7. Use of Tracking Technology

In order to provide better service to users and OSS-ECAL users when they visit this site again, this site uses tracking technologies such as cookies and web beacons in some contents. For details, please refer to our Privacy Policy.

8. Applicable law

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of Japan. The district court having jurisdiction over the location of the Company’s head office shall be the exclusive court of first instance for any and all disputes related to the terms and conditions of use of this Website.

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