What is OSS-ECAL ?

OSS-ECAL stands for Open-Source Software for Electronic Components Abstraction Layer. OSS-ECAL is a software layer aimed at improving the efficiency and usability of software development for electronic components, and provides software interfaces tailored to the characteristics of electronic components.

OSS-ECAL has the following features.

  1. Standard interface ( API ) for electronic components
  2. Interfaces (API) tailored to the characteristics of each electronic component
  3. Supports combinations of electronic components
  4. Wrapping HAL
  5. Compatible with various HALs from MCU manufacturers

HAL Support List

OSS-ECAL supports HALs from many MCU and board manufacturers. We will continue to expand HAL support to meet user needs.

HAL Providing ManufacturerHAL
ArduinoArduino 1.8.6
ARMMbed 6.17.0
InfineonModusToolbox HAL Cat1 2.4.3
NXPMCUXpresso SDK iMXRT1051B_1052B ksdk2_0
RenesasSSP 2.4.0
STMSTM32Cube FW_F4 V1.27.1
Debian Project (Linux)Debian v2022.04 (under development)


News list

This website is based on the patent No. JPB6694567 obtained by our company.

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